Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Memory Lane

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A Stroll Down Memory Lane



Well, try as I might, I'm just not having much success at blogging on a more frequent schedule, but I'm not giving up. I like to start decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, but like my blogging, I'm a little behind this year. I did re-arrange furniture the week before Thanksgiving and set up the Christmas Village before Thanksgiving so maybe that will give me some bonus points. I thought I would share a before and after with you of my Christmas Village.

I LOVE my Christmas Village, it reminds me of my childhood and a much gentler time. There were not cookie cutter malls in my childhood. Each shop had it's own personality, it's own unique smell. I can still smell the delicious scents coming from The Peanut Shop and the dapper Mr. Peanut welcoming everyone in. I love imagining walking on the snow covered streets and going from shop to shop. I can hear the chime of the bell ringer's bells and the tinkle of the coins as happy shoppers drop them in the big red pots. I can hear the cheer in the voices of the people on the streets and in the stores as they wish everyone a "Merry Christmas"! That time and place is only a memory now, but oh how I love to relive them every chance I get. This Christmas Season I hope we can all take a step back in time if just for a moment to remember what this season is all about and enjoy the simple pleasures.