Monday, February 23, 2009

Cooking With Matt

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Two thousand and nine has been an exciting year for our family. Our daughter became a mother, we became first time grandparents, our sons became uncles and both of them moved into new condos. This weekend, Hubby and I decided to drive to NC to spend some time with the boys and see their new digs.

While there we got to enjoy some delicious meals prepared by our favorite chef, Chef Matt! Our oldest son discovered a hidden talent several years ago that family and friends enjoy as much as he does and like to take advantage of whenever we can. He loves to cook!! Not only does he LOVE to cook, he has a natural talent for it and everything he makes is delicious. We are happy to be taste testers anytime he has a new recipe that needs testing. His goal is to go to culinary school and have his own restaurant one day. If only he had discovered his love and talent for cooking before getting his BS degree, we might be coming to you live from Matt's Kitchen on national t.v.

I thought you might enjoy a short episode of Cooking With Matt. I wish it was smell-avision or taste-avision, but this is the best I can do.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Day The Lord Hath Made

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handiwork.
Psalm 19:1

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Now You're Cookin!

One of my favorite things to do is look through decorating, design and craft books for new ideas. While visiting my sister we decided to look through her stacks of Christmas and Craft books to find some new ideas for Christmas gifts. While leafing through a Trash To Treasure Book I came across one of the cleverest ideas I've seen in awhile. A child size range made from a recycled nightstand plus cookware and kitchen accessories to match made from boxes and containers we all have around the house. I will be making one for Caroline and I thought I would share it with you in case you would like to make one for a special little one in your life or perhaps to sell at a craft fair.


The first thing you will need is an unused nightstand. Perhaps you have one on hand, but if not one should be easy to find at a thrift store, yard sale or maybe even on a curbside. You will need a 1"x6" pine board, 3" wide baseboard, handsaw, screws, screwdriver, wood glue, white primer, assorted colors of acrylic paint, paintbrushes, permanent marker, knobs, handles and some imagination. Remove the old handle/handles. Sand the entire nightstand and wipe with a tack cloth. Cut a piece of 1"x6" board the width of your nightstand and attach to the back with wood glue and screws, making sure the board extends 3" above the top edge of the nightstand. Cut a piece of the 3" wide baseboard and attach to the pine board extending above the edge of the nightstand with wood glue. After the wood glue is dry, prime the entire "range". After primer has dried, paint with white acrylic paint. Once your base coat is completely dry you can attach the knobs to the knob panel and paint on a clock. Complete your range by painting on burners, trim accents and adding your new oven door pulls. I'm sure it would be easy to make a sink, washer/dryer and other appliances with a little imagination.


You will need:

Recycled assorted containers with lids in 5 sizes.
White spray primer
Craft knife
Cutting mat
Assorted colors of acrylic paint
Foam core board
Assorted wooden knobs
Hot blue gun
Utility scissors
Craft knife
Two jumbo craft sticks
Wood glue

1. Apply primer to outsides of containers and lids
2. For pans, use craft knife to cut 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" from bottoms of two containers
Paint pans.
3. For each pan lid, draw around bottom of pan on foam core board. Use craft knife to cut out circle 1/4" outside drawn line. Draw hearts or any design you like on the top of each lid and paint with assorted colors. Outline each heart in a contrasting color. Paint designs on each heart. Paint knobs, center and glue knob on lid.
4. For pan with handle, use utility scissors to cut craft sticks in half. Matching cut ends, stack halves and glue together. Let glue dry and paint handles. Use craft knife slit large enough to insert handle in side of pan. Apply glue to cut end of handle and insert in slit.
5. Draw heart or other design on the sides of remaining containers. Using assorted colors, paint each heart. Outline each heart in a contrasting color. Paint designs on hearts as desired.
6. For each canister lid, paint lid of container and knob.

What could be easier or more affordable? A one of a kind, custom kitchen made by you especially for your little one. Have fun cooking up some special times with the special child in your life!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh What A Beautiful Sunday!

Black Cherry & Mint Chocolate Chip For Me and Strawberry & Vanilla For My Hubby

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Sorry guys, but I just had to post new pictures of the beach. It was 73 on Sunday so we, along with everyone else in Myrtle Beach decided to go to the beach. Even the horses came out in record number. We had a nice long walk followed by our first ice cream of the season. Beach Season that is!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thank You, Grazie, Danke, Gracias, Merci!!!

Intentions are a good thing if you follow through with them, but meaningless if you don't. I know many times I have had good intentions, but got caught up in the trap that it has to be perfect or I have to do more and end up waiting to try and accomplish perfect or get or do more and then find out by waiting I've missed an opportunity by not acting in a timely fashion. Maybe you too have missed opportunities to say or do something to show thanks, encouragement, support, love or just to let someone know you are thinking of them. So, I'm trying to overcome my tendency toward "perfection" and as Nike says, just do it!
As most of you know I have been away visiting my daughter and precious new granddaughter, Caroline Elizabeth. For obvious reasons I didn't do much blogging while I was away. I was able to find a few minutes daily to check and see who had been by to visit and read my comments. I have been trying with the very best of intentions to reply back to everyone that was kind enough to visit and leave a comment while I was aways, but alas I feel I'm not making a lot of progress as I am also trying to catch up at home and with my business. I found this quote and adorable picture in my new 2009 Calendar by Mary Englebreit and thought it was good food for thought as well as perfect for my post today.

The smallest good deed is worth a thousand good intentions. ~Anonymous

So, my post today is to all of my blogging friends and visitors. A great big Thank You! to everyone who visited and left such sweet comments. I want you to know how very much it was appreciated. To those of you who stopped by for the first time, please visit again, I would love to get to know you and to those of you who stop by regularly, please bear with me as I get back on track. I'm looking forward to catching up and seeing what you have been up to while I've been away and borrowing many of your creative ideas.
~Grandmomma Elizabeth
Better is little with righteousness, than a great revenues without right. Proverbs 16:8

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Me And My Shadow?

Look what followed us home!!
We just returned home from Chicago last night, or at least I thought we had returned to the sunny south, but when I opened the blinds this morning I figured I must have been mistaken or having a dream.......a bad dream!!! Once I was sure I was wide awake I knew I wasn't seeing things or dreaming. What I did see was SNOW! Big fluffy white flakes of it and it was sticking to everything!! We did bring something home with us, but it definitely wasn't snow. I would like to introduce you to our Grandcat, Benny. He'll be making his home with us until Caroline gets a little bigger. Right now he's having a difficult time adjusting, but who wouldn't under the circumstances. His mommy brought home something that requires a lot of her attention and doesn't leave much time for Benny. He's been banned from the room not to mention the bed he normally sleeps in (except in the daytime). He's been medicated, zipped into a travel bag, traveled by train, plane and automobile to a strange new place that has yet another object of attention, A DOG!! What's a poor kitty to think? I'm sure in time he will adjust and learn to love it here. His mommy will be here to visit in a few months and he can still talk to her anytime he wants too. Thankfully most of the snow has melted and it's nice and sunny, but still only 28 degrees. Hey, that's better than the 3 degrees in Chicago so it could be much worse.