Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Me And My Shadow?

Look what followed us home!!
We just returned home from Chicago last night, or at least I thought we had returned to the sunny south, but when I opened the blinds this morning I figured I must have been mistaken or having a dream.......a bad dream!!! Once I was sure I was wide awake I knew I wasn't seeing things or dreaming. What I did see was SNOW! Big fluffy white flakes of it and it was sticking to everything!! We did bring something home with us, but it definitely wasn't snow. I would like to introduce you to our Grandcat, Benny. He'll be making his home with us until Caroline gets a little bigger. Right now he's having a difficult time adjusting, but who wouldn't under the circumstances. His mommy brought home something that requires a lot of her attention and doesn't leave much time for Benny. He's been banned from the room not to mention the bed he normally sleeps in (except in the daytime). He's been medicated, zipped into a travel bag, traveled by train, plane and automobile to a strange new place that has yet another object of attention, A DOG!! What's a poor kitty to think? I'm sure in time he will adjust and learn to love it here. His mommy will be here to visit in a few months and he can still talk to her anytime he wants too. Thankfully most of the snow has melted and it's nice and sunny, but still only 28 degrees. Hey, that's better than the 3 degrees in Chicago so it could be much worse.


  1. Yes, it was 16 degrees when I got up this morning, but, you're right, it could always be worse! Have fun with that new "house guest" of yours! It often does take animals a little while to adjust to a new addition to the family. I know our dog, Gizmo, was quite the jealous one when Brittany was born. With time, however, he did just fine and life carried on!

  2. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Elizabeth!

    You have snow! (and a great yard)I would love to see some snowflakes outside my window!

    Thanks for sharing your photos with us!


  3. I came over from Bargain Hunting w/ Laurie b/c I was going through her follower's list trying to find a blog. I have a little house in NMB. We left there early MLK weekend, so we would be able to get back to our house, and was afraid we missed snow at NMB then, but it is KILLING ME to see that ya'll got snow, and I wasn't there to see it!!! Boo Hoo. Ok, I know I need to stop whining. We only got a light dusting, but school was out!

  4. Wow, seems like a good day to stay home and drink tea. I love days like that. I feel sorry for your poor little displaced grandkitty. But many congratulations on the birth of your granddarling. Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness.

    Blessings, Lana

  5. Welcome back dear friend. I have been thinking of you and all the transitions that your family is facing. I bet you just love that new little girl. We had snow too, and a bit more than you.

  6. Your house is very pretty. How exciting to have snow in SC! I'm with you on the temp. It got down to 6 degrees here last night! I can only imagine what it gets down to in Chicago! Probably why I don't live there...hate the cold! Give some love to that grandkitty for me. He/she is beautiful! Congrats again on your granddaughter!

  7. Hi Elizabeth,
    How pretty! We had a few flurries this morning as well.
    How sweet of you to take the kitty home. He looks sad in the picture.
    I hope he adjusts soon.
    ~Melissa :)

  8. Hi,
    I'm visiting your blog via Beth's at Just Me! We woke up to snow here today too. What a surprise! I love the picture of your kitty. We have two cats..each have very unique personalities! Have a great day:)

  9. Great pictures, your new kitty looks a bit out of sorts. I take it he doesn't care to have his picture taken? Don't worry, he will adjust and take over the house soon enough! Kathy

  10. Ohhhh...the litte cat looks so sad and forlorn! I hope he will adjust to his new surroundings quickly!

    Enjoyed the pics of your snow...we just barely had a "sprinkle"...I'm waiting (and hoping) for a BIG one some day!!!


  11. Oh!! how sad to be homesick, what a beautiful cat .thats my kind of snow come quick go
    , Sue

  12. Awe.. poor kitty! I am sure he'll love his temp. home for now. The snow is pretty. At least you know it will be gone very.. soon.

  13. That's such a sweet kitty! Glad you took him in! :-) And we are cold tonight in Florida! We're in the deep freeze, too!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


    Sheila :-)

  14. Got your comment. Crimson was playing and fell. She hit her head on the corner of a step and it cut her head open. She's fine now. We were just scared for a little while. I think I overreacted. I'm not use to her getting hurt. Thanks for checking on her.