Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Everything There is a Season

To everything there is a season... Ecclesiastes 3:1

The current season is winter, not my favorite, but one that the Lord created so it must have a purpose.  Every year right after Christmas when the Christmas wreath comes down off of the front door and gets stored back in the garage I'm left with an empty front door in desperate need of something cheery that says "WELCOME" to our home!  Here in the South where temperatures rarely drop below the 20's and we have  a variety of evergreens and pansies that bloom all winter, it's still difficult to come up with something that doesn't look too Christmasy or too Springy and that is fitting for the season.  So this year I was determined to find a perfect and fitting solution.   I had my old standby red berry wreath, but wanted something with a bit more pizazz so I decided to look around my yard and see what "wintery" things I could discover.  Of course red berries were everywhere as was Spanish moss and ivy.  Although our magnolias aren't covered with the gorgeous white blooms they are known for this time of year they do provide interesting pods in the winter which were perfect to add interest and texture.  If you haven't "murdered" your Crepe Myrtle yet, they too have some very interesting little pods that look like fluffy brown blossoms that are perfect for filler.  We are not at a loss for branches and vines that can be braided or twisted together and used for a base, but I cheated a bit there and used a bare grapevine wreath I already had.   With some new elements and ideas in hand I went to work and put together the new focal point for my front door.  All I was in need of now was a bit of whimsy and since we don't have snow, snowmen, snowflakes or icicles wouldn't work, but there is one thing that we always have plenty of and is very fitting for a "beach" home.......shells!  I chose starfish and a beautiful ribbon bow to top it all off.  I am very pleased with my new "Winter" wreath, what do you think?  If you're in  the same quandary then bundle up and take a stroll around the neighborhood and don't forget to take a basket to collect all the treasures you will find.  If you decided to take the wreath challenge, please leave a comment and let me know where to go to see your winter wreath masterpiece!  Happy hunting and designing.  


  1. What a surprise for me to see that you posted again! It is so good to hear from you! Your wreath is the perfect one for the winter season. Your blog decor is beautiful too!

  2. Love your door wreath.....I definitely need to do door is empty of any decoration!!


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