Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's A Southern Thing!

We southern girls have some habits that might be considered strange to girls in other parts of the country, but which are perfectly normal to us. We like "things" and find many of these "things" to be necessities and not luxuries. When we hear the term "things" our minds often are quick to think non-essential or extravagant, but that's not always true. One such "thing" that is absolutely essential in the daily life of a Southern Girl is the beverage napkin! I always keep a variety on hand and change them to match my decor, my mood, or the season. I never knew they were anything but a normal part of life until I lived in New England. One of the dearest friends I made while living there said to me one day, I always use a paper towel for my beverages, is that improper? I assured her that it wasn't and that I use an occasional paper towel as well. She told me how much she loved using my "special" napkins, but that paper towels are just more practical and affordable and she thought it was a luxury to use beverage napkins. After that we started referring to my napkins as "Southern" napkins and to hers as "Yankee" napkins. That conversation took place in the summer and a few months later when I was thinking of something small with a special meaning I could get her for Christmas I immediately remembered the "Southern" napkin conversation. Since she loves the beach and collecting seashells I began my search for beautiful beverage napkins with a shell motif and a pretty holder to put them in. Of course that was a simple thing to find and had a variety of shell napkins to choose from. I couldn't resist dropping by "The Pig" to pick up a roll of decorator "Yankee" napkins to send as well. A few days later I received a call from her thanking me for the gift and letting me know she keeps them on her nightstand and uses one every evening with her cup of hot tea! That's been two years ago and not only am I still sending her "Southern" napkins for birthdays and Christmas (this year the were white with the SC symbol of the Palmetto and moon), but she's started to buy them for herself as a little "luxury". Once more it just goes to prove you can find pleasure in the simplest of things.


  1. oh, girl. I do love my things, too!! I am sure that I was a southern belle in a previous lifetime. LOL I have always loved these decor napkins. I first feel in love with them with I worked in a beautiful little boutique. We carried these little pretties,And who wouldn't fall in love with them. I am afraid I don't use them on a daily basis. But, I do use them on special occasins and for entertaining.
    Have a beautiful southern day!!

  2. Do you use You can resize your pictures there. You can sign up at photobucket for free. I also use the kodak gallery. Your computer/camera software should allow you to resize your pictures. Let me know what happens. I'm here to help you the best I can. Hugs, Terrie

  3. Hi Elizabeth, ;)
    I do loooove your ideas!
    I didn't know about the lovely bevarage napkins. Shame on me living in NC huh? LOL! I will have to look for them for sure.
    I see some espresso books peeking out too. I will have to find those for my hubby. He loves espresso.

    I think your blog is off to a wonderful start. You're doing really well! The blog background you chose is very elegant and pretty.
    I'm sure you can add a blogroll to your sidebar very easily.
    As far as enlarging your header photo I know it can be done. My hubby who's great at computers did mine. I wish I could tell you what he did.
    I have no clue.
    I must tell you I'm a bit computer challenged. I've been limping along so far. HEHE! We'll help each other out on blogging stuff the best we can. :)

    ~Warmly, ,Melissa :)

  4. This Southern girl loves "things". There are things I just want and then there are the THINGS I NEED. I love pretties, the extra touches, dishes, treasured memento's, and the list goes on.

    Blogging is so much fun. Thank you for visiting mine! Yes, Son and fiance are planning a destination wedding in FL. I'm trying to get used to the idea of a wedding 400 miles away.

  5. This is my first visit to your blog and I am really impressed. Your career sounds intriguing. I remember years and years ago that my grandmother used beverage napkins while "entertaining" her card club. I think that I will purchase some. They will add a little glamour to a cup of tea.

  6. Hi Elizabeth!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to say that yours is fantastic! And I am so feeling you on the beverage napkins. It's inherited from my mom...what can I say? She has a slight addiction to them, especially the monogrammed ones :) Looking forward to reading more from you.


  7. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for all the book info yesterday. I'm going to check Amazon and order them. Love that site!

    Hope all is well with you today.
    ~Melissa :)

  8. What a wonderful Blog!! Thank you for coming by to visit. I love the idea of "wedding party favors" would be cute as baby shower favors...ummm, I REALLY like those ideas! I did 150 4" square pink canvas with birdnests and buttons for a baby shower. I'll be checking back with you. If you ever need something extra the keychains for one of your events, please contact me. Laurie

  9. Hi Elizabeth, How nice to have you visit The Vintage Nest and welcome to the world of blogging. We say "thangs" not things. LOL...I always use special beverage napkins and enjoy buying them when I see some cute and unusual ones. But whenever we have friends over and fix them a drink my dear husband pulls off a paper towel. arrhgh And I discreetly change it for a pretty napkin. :) We would love to have you join us for "Pink Saturdays". don't have to have a house full of pink...just love the color pink. Pink is everywhere. If you visit my blog tomorrow (1/10/09) you will see what I mean. Join us! It's lots of fun and you will meet so many nice ladies. ~ Lynn
    P.S. I am so jealous you live at Myrtle Beach. My old stomping grounds for "shagging". :)

  10. What a great story! I am also a party planner--for children.

    So nice to visit your blog!

  11. Welcome to the world of will have such fun!

    I'm a fan of beverage napkins as well...and have never been to the 'deep south'. My husband would use 'yankee napkins' for everything, if I didn't intervene.

    Your blog is looking great...I'll be back.

  12. Elizabeth, thank you for visiting my blog, and for providing me the opportunity to visit you. I, also, browsed around your website, and it is fantastic. We love the Mills House.

    I have lived in both North and South Carolina, but I spent most of my life in South Florida. Even, though I have an NC State and ECU grad, I am a diehard Duke fan for life.

  13. Hello Elizabeth, I just came over from Beverly's post. She is my dear friend for the past 38 years. I left her my comment earlier today and I read yours while there. I decided to go back and welcome you to blogging. Your napkin story is so sweet. It is lovely to meet you.


  14. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and commented! I can't wait to browse my way through your blog. I really enjoyed this post. I grew up with a mom who saved the good stuff for special occasions that never seemed to come. I was the same way until I learned the "use the good china" attitude. Your beverage napkins are a great example of how a little something special can make the mundane exciting and fun. And we are worth having a little something special in our daily lives!

  15. Elizabeth, thanks for the sweet comments you left on my blog. Memories definitely are a treasure.

    Your blog is awesome! I told a few of my friends to check it out. I subscribed to it in my Google Reader, I'm not sure if it lets you know when someone subscribes or not.

    Anyway, thanks again!!!

  16. Welcome to blogging and thanks for your sweet comments!

    I am a northerner through and through and I like my 'things' too - including beverage napkins! LoL they are just more prim and homespun looking. I have jack olantern and crow ones for the fall, snowmen for the winter, prim bunnies for the spring and so on. Many of my friends use them as well and I have never seen anyone use paper towels as napkins so I have to wonder about your friend! LOL Where in MA did you live?hugs, Linda

  17. Oh, I must say that your little dog is a cutie. We adore our Boston and we wouldn't take a million dollars for her, she is that sweet.
    Thank you for your comments, I enjoy meeting new people each day and welcome to blogland. It has been such a wonderful experience for me.

  18. Hey Girl, this is Grand! :) And the Carolina Girls Rollcall is up! :)

  19. I love beverage napkins as well! Loved this post and the photos!

  20. We are planning to move South. I have been wondering if I will fit in. At least I know I am set with using napkins. I have an entire drawer of beverage napkins. My mom always used them, so I thought everyone did.