Monday, January 19, 2009

You're Invited!

It's not enough that I can't keep up with one blog, I have to create another one. When I starting blog number one, "Grand Occasions", I fully intended for it to be attached to my company web site and be a "business" blog, but I discovered so many wonderful bloggers that I had so many things in common with that it evolved into more of a "personal" blog. What's a girl to do? If one is good then two must be grand, huh? I'll let you know soon. Since it's been awhile since I've gotten anything posted on my "personal" blog I thought I'd post an invitation for you to visit my brand new "Myrtle Beach Weddings & Events" blog. Now that I have them both up and running and I've been able to download pictures to my new computer I should be a blogging maniac or at least a regular contributor. I appreciate you visiting Grand Occasions and have enjoyed meeting each of you. I hope you all have a very productive week. I'm looking forward to visting many of you in the next few days to see what you have been up to.

You're Invited to Visit The Grand Opening of "Myrtle Beach Weddings & Events" Blog Spot

You've Just Said Yes!


  1. It's lovely to meet you--your blog is beautiful and interesting!

  2. Good luck with your new blog. I'll go over to visit.

  3. WOW!!!!! Just so beautiful!! You are really catching on quickly!!

  4. Your page looks great. I need to take some time to decorate my page better. I'll get there. I like your new blog too. Myrtle Beach must be awesome! The last time I was there was about 15 years ago. It was amazing then. I've been meaning to come back, but life keeps happening. :) Anyway, good luck with your window treatments. I did complete some of my projects this weekend. One is up on my page and I will post more tomorrow.