Tuesday, January 13, 2009

With Love

Pedicure Given With Love By Cousin Amber Baby Sock Corsage Made With Love by Cousin Amber Girly Pink Bunny Coat Given with Love by Cyndi
Afghan Crocheted with Love from Aunt Marsha
Canvases for the Nursery Hand Painted with Love by Granddaddy
Diaper Cake Made with Love by Aunt Marsha Hat, Scarf & Mittens Made with Love by Amber #1

It's less than a month now and I'll be a Grandmomma!! I was just thinking about all the beautiful gifts our daughter received at her baby shower and how special they all were and thought I'd share just a few of them with you. We haven't had a baby in the family for quite some time so everyone is excited to say the least. From the moment we heard our family would be getting an addition we began sewing, crafting, painting and shopping for an assortment of things especially for the little blessing that would soon be joining us.

What is it that makes a gift special? Is the amount the giver spends that makes it valuable? Perhaps it's the brand, designer label or the store it was purchased from that gives it distinction? I believe it's something far more priceless than any of those. Not that a gift that would fall into any of those categories would not be special (I have received many "Special" gifts from all of those categories), but it's not those things alone that gives it value, it's the giver of the gift and the thought that was put into choosing the gift that sets it apart. Have you ever wanted to give a gift, but felt you couldn't afford a suitable gift? Have you ever spent more than your budget would comfortably allow to purchase such a gift? It's easy to fall into that materialistic trap and try give a gift that is equal to Mrs. Joneses gift. Those darn Joneses seem turn up in all of our circles, don't they? Allow me to say a word about Mrs. Jones. I have known several very sincere Mrs. Jones that give with love from the very bottom of their hearts. She may just have a larger budget than others and she would never want anyone to feel their gift was inferior in any way. We need to remind ourselves what's really important when giving and receiving a gift. Everyone I've met in blog land has a variety of talents and creativity they can use to create the perfect gift. Whether it's something handmade, home cooked, a service your can provide or something you purchase. Whatever the gift, regardless of the cost, if it's made or given with love it's always just right.


  1. What a wonderful shower. The gifts are so precious. Each one says something special about the giver. I just love that. I especially love the canvas prints made by grand-daddy. I know how excited you must be for the baby. It's wonderful being a grandmother. Hugs, Terrie

  2. I'm a grandmom, and it is my favorite thing ever. Oh, how I love that child.

    Wonderful gifts. I adore the hat, scarf and mittens.

    Would you consider adding Name/URL to your profile as an option for those leaving comments? Thanks

  3. How wonderful for your new grandchild to receive such special gifts. I know everyone has already told you this, but being a grandmother is the most wonderful opportunity there is! Enjoy every moment. laurie

  4. I've never seen a diaper cake! :-) What a fun event!

  5. You may be new to the blogging world, but it has not taken me long to realize just how gifted and creative you are. The parties you throw for those you love, are so very beautiful!! I like all of your thoughts and ideas scattered thoughtout the fascinating pictures.

  6. Hi Elizabeth,
    ~WOW~ Congrats to you becoming a Grandma soon!
    What a wonderful blessing.
    The gifts are all so precious.
    ~Melissa :)

  7. I am so happy to tell you that you were the first friend to comment on my (paying-it-forward)segment. Please email your snail mail address to me. Looking forward to working on this fun project.

  8. Hi Elizabeth, I loved the diaper cake...how cute! Congratulations on your (soon to be) new grandchild! Kristen

  9. thank you so much for coming by my blog, and I really appreciated your kind words on my debbie downer post. you are so right - i need to focus more on god's plan for my life, instead of worrying about MY plan. timing is everything - maybe those checks just aren't the right time for me. i'm off to read some more, and i'll be back to visit again!!

  10. What wonderful gifts! What a sweet welcome for baby. Congratulations on soon becoming a Grandmomma. = ) What a special blessing. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to coming back often for inspiration. Thanks for stopping by and for saying Hello!

    Blessings to you,